Wookie's Tradelist Wookie's Trade List:

These are the cartridges & games I have available for trade. There are over 2000 carts/disks for these classic videogame systems: Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Atari Jaguar, Atari Lynx, Bally Astrocade, Colecovision, Emerson Arcadia / Leisurevision, Fairchild Channel F, Intellivision, Microvision, Magnavox Odyssey2, Nintendo (NES/SNES/Gameboy), NEC Turbo-Grafx 16, RCA Studio II, and Sega (Dreamcast/SMS/Genesis/32X/GameGear/Pico) and for these vintage computers: Commodore 64/128, VIC-20, Atari 400/800/XL/XE, Texas Instruments TI-99/4A,Tandy TRS-80 Color Computers, and Misc. (everything else). There's also a large section (250+ entries) of disk-based Commodore 64 software.  It's at the very bottom of the file to keep it separate from the cartridge stuff.  Everything is original - I don't sell copies.

I've noted Boxes (B), Manuals (M), and Overlays (O) where appropriate, or (SR) for a Shrinkwrapped cart.  For the 2600, manuals are listed as a separate section so they could be paired with different label variations.  For all other systems, they're listed with the cart.  I'm willing to trade just boxes, manuals, overlays, and/or carts if you only need a portion to complete an item in your collection.

Newly listed or altered items are preceded by & to help previous visitors find recent changes.

Since the previous update (04/03/2007), 48 items have been added to the list, and 0 have been removed.

The Atari 2600 list is sorted by manufacturer and label variation - all other systems are just alphabetical.

Terms and conditions:
I prefer to make trades, but will consider outright sales for the right offer.  Please do not send me a "How much do ya want for such-and-such?" email.  Make an offer.  Note that while I rarely refuse a reasonable trade, I have very little interest in selling, so unless you make a knock-my-socks-off cash offer, I probably will politely decline.  If it's a lowball offer (and I do usually know how much these are worth), I won't even reply.  Sorry if this seems harsh but I get a lot of these kinda emails and I'm tired of responding to them.

Almost anything goes. Make a fair trade offer and I'll probably agree. Cross-platform trades are OK. Trades for multiple carts are preferred as this keeps the postage per cart to a minimum.   I'm happy to make international trades (greetings to my friends in Canada, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Austria and The Netherlands!), just be aware that all my items are NTSC format unless otherwise noted.

I'll provide details on label condition when you tell me what you want.  And, note that I update this list every 4 weeks or so, so something you're after may already be gone.

Last Update: 01/25/2008
Email me with questions or offers Remember: No "how-much-do-you-want?" emails.
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And now, the list...

Atari 2600

Boxed 2600 Games with Manuals:
Air-Sea Battle





Bump 'n' Jump (Telegames - PAL)


Cruise Missile
Dig Dug
Donkey Kong (Red label Atari release)


Gravitar (red label)

Hunt ‘n’ Score
Junior Pac-Man
Jungle Hunt

Laser Blast

Missile Command



Quest for Quintana Roo (Telegames - PAL)
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Space Invaders

Space War

Star Raiders

Super Baseball (SR or opened)

Super Football
Swordquest Earthworld
Target Fun


Universal Chaos (Telegames – PAL)
Venture (Atari red label) (SR or opened)

Video Pinball
Yar's Revenge


A2600 - 20th Century Fox
Beany Bopper
Deadly Duck
Fantastic Voyage (M)
Fast Eddie
Flash Gordon
M*A*S*H (M)
Mega Force (M)
Porky's (M)
Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatos
Turmoil (M)
Worm War I (M)


A2600 - Absolute
Skate Boardin'
Titlematch Pro Wrestling
Tomcat F14


A2600 - Activision (NOT blue labels unless noted)
Boxing (BM)
Chopper Command

Dolphin (M)
Double Dragon
Enduro (M)
Enduro (Blue Label)
Fishing Derby (M)
Freeway (M)
Freeway (Blue label)
Frostbite (M)
Ghostbusters (Blue label)
Grand Prix (M)
H.E.R.O. (M)
Ice Hockey
Kaboom (M)
Keystone Kapers (M)
Kung Fu Master
Laser Blast (BM)
Megamania (M)
Pitfall II: The Lost Caverns
Pitfall! (M)
Plaque Attack
Pressure Cooker (M)
Private Eye
River Raid (M)
River Raid (blue text label)
Robot Tank (M)
Robot Tank (blue text label)
Seaquest (M)
Sky Jinks (M)
Space Shuttle (M)
Space Shuttle (Blue text label)
Spider Fighter (M)
Stampede (M)
Starmaster (BM)
Tennis (BM)


A2600 - Amiga
Mogul Mania


A2600 - Apollo
Final Approach
Infiltrate (blue label)
Lost Luggage green label
Lost Luggage blue label (no end label)
Racquetball (no end label)
Shark Attack
Shark Attack (blue label - no end label)
Skeet Shoot (no end label)
Space Cavern (blue label)
Space Cavern (red label)
Wabbit - missing part of end label


A2600 - Atari Picture Labels
3-D Tic Tac Toe
Air-Sea Battle
Asteroids (BM)
Basic Programming
Basketball (SR – gray box)
Berzerk (BM)

Bowling (M)
Canyon Bomber
Circus Atari
Combat (M)
Defender (BM)
Demons to Diamonds (M)
Dodge 'Em
Football (M)
Fun with Numbers
Haunted House (M)
Home Run (M)
Human Cannonball
Indy 500
Math Gran Prix
Maze Craze
Missile Command (BM)
Night Driver (M)

Pac-Man (BM)
Pele's Soccer (M)
Pigs in Space
Sky Diver
Slot Racers
Snoopy and the Red Baron
Sorcerer's Apprentice
Space Invaders (BM)
Space War
Star Raiders (BM)
Street Racer
Super Breakout (M)
Video Checkers
Video Chess
Video Olympics (M)
Video Pinball (BM)
Warlords (M)
Yars' Revenge (BM)


A2600 - Atari Red Labels

Dark Chambers
Desert Falcon
Donkey Kong (BM)
Donkey Kong Jr. (M)
Gravitar (BM)
Jr. Pac-Man (BM)
Midnight Magic (M)
Mouse Trap
Realsports Boxing (M)

Secret Quest
Solaris (BM)
Super Baseball (SR or opened)
Super Football (BM)
Venture (SR)


A2600 - Atari Silver Labels
Battlezone (BM)
Centipede (BM)
Crystal Castles (M)
Dig Dug (BM)
E.T. The Extra Terrestrial (M)
Football - Realsports Soccer
Galaxian (BM)
Joust (M)
Jungle Hunt (M)
Kangaroo (BM)
Mario Bros.
Millipede (M)
Moon Patrol
Ms. Pac-Man (M)
Phoenix (BM)
Pole Position (M)
Pole Positn'
Raiders of the Lost Ark (BM)
Realsports Baseball (M)
Realsports Football (M)
Realsports Soccer
Realsports Tennis
Realsports Volleyball (M)
Space Invaders
Swordquest: Earthworld (BM)
Swordquest: Fireworld (M)
Track and Field
Vanguard (M)


A2600 - Atari Text Labels
32 in 1 (PAL)
3-d tic-tac-toe (M)
Adventure (M)
Air-Sea Battle (BM)
Air-Sea Battle 02
Backgammon (M)
Basic Math (M)
Basic Math 61
Basic Programming
Basketball (B)
Blackjack 51
Bowling (M)
Brain Games (M)
Breakout (BM)
Canyon Bomber (M)
Casino (M)
Championship Soccer
Circus Atari (M)
Codebreaker (B)
Combat (BM)
Combat 01 (M)
Concentration, a Game of
Dodge 'em (M)
Flag Capture (M)
Football (BM)
Fun with Numbers
Home Run (M)
Human Cannonball (M)
Hunt 'n' Score (BM)
Indy 500 (M)
Indy 500 11
Maze Craze (M)
Miniature Golf
Night Driver (M)
Outlaw (BM)
Sky Diver (M)
Slot Machine
Slot Racers (M)
Space Invaders (BM)
Space War (BM)
Star Ship (M)
Star Ship (Large yellow text)
Star Ship 03
Street Racer (M)
Street Racer 12

Superman (M)
Surround 41
Video Checkers
Video Chess (M)
Video Olympics (M)
Video Olympics 21


A2600 - Atari Yellow Label
Alpha Beam with Ernie
Big Bird's Egg Catch
Cookie Monster Munch
Oscar's Trash Race


A2600 – Avalon Hill
Wall Ball


A2600 - CBS
Blue Print
Gorf (M)

Mountain King
Omega Race
Solar Fox
Wizard of Wor (M)


A2600 - Coleco
Carnival (M)
Donkey Kong (M)
Donkey Kong Jr.
Front Line

Mr. Do!
Roc 'n' Rope

Smurfs Rescue in Gargamel’s Castle (M)
Venture (M)


A2600 - Data Age
Bermuda Triangle
Bugs (M)
Encounter at L-5
Frankenstein's Monster
Journey Escape (M)


A2600 - Epyx
California Games
Summer Games
Winter Games


A2600 - Froggo
Cruise Missile (BM)
Sea Hawk
Task Force


A2600 - Imagic
Atlantis (blue text)

Atlantis (picture) (M)
Atlantis (text)
Cosmic Ark (picture) (M)
Cosmic Ark (text)
Demon Attack (picture) (M)
Demon Attack (text)
Dragonfire (picture)
Fathom (text) (M)
Fire Fighter (picture) (M)
Moonsweeper (text)
No Escape (picture)
Quick Step
Riddle of the Sphinx (M)
Shootin' Gallery
Solar Storm
Star Voyager (picture) (M)
Star Voyager (text)
Trick Shot (text) (M)
Trick Shot (picture) - damaged label


A2600 - INTV white labels
Adventures of Tron
Air Raiders
Lock 'n' Chase
Star Strike
Tron Deadly Discs


A2600 - M Network
Adventures of Tron
Air Raiders
Armor Ambush (M)
Astroblast (M)
Bump 'n' Jump
Burgertime (M)
Dark Cavern
Frogs and Flies
International Soccer
Kool-Aid Man
Lock n Chase
Space Attack (M)
Super Challenge Baseball (M)
Super Challenge Football (M)
Tron Deadly Discs (M)


A2600 - Milton Bradley
Spitfire Attack (No end label)

A2600 - Mythicon

Star Fox (partial end label)


A2600 - Parker Brothers
Amidar (BM)
Frogger (M)
GI Joe Cobra Strike (picture)
GI Joe Cobra Strike (text)
Popeye (M)
Q*bert (BM)
Reactor (M)
Sky Skipper
Spider-Man (M)
Star Wars: Death Star Battle (M)
Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back (M)
Star Wars: Jedi Arena
Strawberry Shortcake Musical
Super Cobra
Tutankham (M)


A2600 - Quelle / S.S.
Eddie Langfinger der Mudeumdieb (PAL)
Gefahrliche Mausejagd (PAL)
Phantom-Panzer (PAL)
Raumbasen-Attacke (PAL)
Weltraumtunnel (PAL)


A2600 - Sears Picture Labels
Breakaway IV

Defender (M)
Demons to Diamonds
Dodger Cars
Haunted House
Maze (no end label)
Outer Space
Space Combat
Speedway II
Star Raiders
Stellar Track
Submarine Commander

Yar’s Revenge


A2600 - Sears Text Labels
3D Tic-Tac-Toe
Arcade Golf
Arcade Pinball
Blackjack (M)
Brain Games
Breakaway IV (M)
Canyon Bomber
Chase (M)
Dare Diver
Dodger Cars
Maze Mania
Memory Match

Missile Command (M)
Night Driver
Outer Space (M)
Poker Plus
Pong Sports
Space Combat
Space Invaders (M)
Speedway II
Stellar Track
Super Breakout
Tank Plus
Target Fun (BM)
Video Chess


A2600 - Sega
Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom
Congo Bongo
Star Trek Strategic Ops
Sub Scan



A2600 - Spectravision
Challenge of Nexar
Cross Force
Gangster Alley
Master Builder (PAL)
Planet Patrol
Tape worm


A2600 - Starpath / Arcadia
Communist Mutants from Space

Escape from the Mindmaster

Frogger, the Official
Killer Satellites
Phaser Patrol
Suicide Mission


A2600 - Telegames (Silver Labels)
Bump 'n' Jump (BM) [PAL]
Quest for Quintana Roo (BM) [PAL]
Universal Chaos (BM) [PAL]

A2600 - Telesys

Cosmic Creeps (square case)
Fast Food (square case)

Ram It (black&white label)


A2600 - Tigervision
Jawbreaker (No end label)
Miner 2049er


A2600 - U.S. Games / Vidtec
Commando Raid
Eggomania (fancy case)
Entombed (fancy case) - No end label
Gopher (square case)
M.A.D. (fancy case)
M.A.D. (square case)
Name this Game (fancy case) (M)
Raft Rider (damaged label)
Sneak 'n Peek
Space Jockey (M)
Squeeze Box
Towering Inferno (M)
Word Zapper (M)


A2600 - Xonox
Artillery Duel / Chuck Norris double-ender
Artillery Duel / Spike's Peak double-ender
Ghost Manor / Spike's Peak double-ender
Robin Hood / Sir Lancelot double-ender (PAL)


A2600 - Zellers


A2600 - Zimag
Cosmic Corridor (missing 1/2 of end label)
I want my Mommy


Atari 5200
Berzerk (M)
Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom
Centipede (M)
Congo Bongo
Defender (BM)
Dig Dug
Dreadnaught Factor (M)
Frogger (M)

Frogger II: Threeedeep!
Galaxian (BM)
James Bond 007
Joust (M)
Jungle Hunt
Kaboom (M)
Kangaroo (M)
Keystone Kapers
Mario Bros.
Missile Command (BM)
Miner 2049er (BM)
Moon Patrol
Ms. Pac-Man
Pac-Man (BM)
Pengo (M)

Pitfall (BM)
Pitfall II
Pole Position (BM)
Popeye (M)
Q*bert (M)
Qix (BM)
Realsports Baseball
RealSports Football (BM)
Realsports Soccer
Realsports Tennis
River Raid (BM)

Robotron 2084
Space Dungeon (M)
Space Invaders (BM)
Space Shuttle
Star Raiders (M)
Star Trek Strategic Ops
Star Wars: the Arcade Game
Super Breakout (BM)
Super Cobra
Vanguard (BM)
Wizard of Wor


Atari 7800
Ace of Aces (M)
Asteroids (BM)
Ballblazer (SR)
Barnyard Blaster (BM)
Centipede (BM)
Choplifter (M)
Crossbow (BM)
Dark Chambers (SR)
Desert Falcon (BM)
Dig Dug (BM)
Donkey Kong (BM)
Donkey Kong Jr. (BM)
F-18 Hornet
Fight Night
Food Fight
Galaga (BM)
Hat Trick (SR)
Jinks (BM)
Joust (BM)
Karateka (M)
Mario Bros.
Meltdown (BM)
Midnight Mutants (BM)
Ms. Pac-Man (BM)
Ninja Golf (BM)
One-on-One Basketball (SR)
Pole Position II (SR)
Realsports Baseball (SR)
Robotron: 2084 (BM)
Scrapyard Dog (BM)
Summer Games
Super Huey (BM)
Super Skateboardin'
Titlematch Pro Wrestling
Tomcat F-14
Touchdown Football (BM)
Tower Toppler (BM)
Water Ski (shrinkwrapped but packaging is a rather beat up)
Winter Games (SR)
Xevious (BM)


Atari Jaguar
Alien vs. Predator
Brutal Sports Football (BM)
Busby in Fractures Fairy Tales
Checkered Flag (M)
Doom (BM)
Double Dragon (B)
Dragon, the Bruce Lee Story (M)
Evolution: Dino Dudes
Fight for Life
Flip Out (B)
Iron Soldier
Kasumi Ninja (BM)
Supercross 3D
Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy (BM)
White Men Can't Jump (BM)
Zool 2

Atari Lynx
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (SR)
California Games
Chips Challenge
Crystal Mines II
Dirty Larry -- Renegade Cop (SR)
Hydra (SR)
Kung Food (SR)
Malibu Bikini Volleyball
Ninja Gaiden III
Pinball Jam
Robo Squash
Robotron 2084
Steel Talons (BM)
Switchblade II
Todd's Adventures in Slime World Toki (BM)
Tournament Cyberball (SR)


Bally Astrocade
Artillery Duel

Astro Battle
Bally Pin
Clowns / Brickyard (M)
Dog Patch (M)
Galactic Invasion
Grand Prix (cigarette burn [?] mark on cart)

Incredible Wizard, The
Space Fortress 


Milton Bradley Microvision
Alien Raiders (Manual only)
Baseball (Manual only)
Block Buster (M)
Connect Four (M)
Pinball (B)
Star Trek Phaser Strike (BM)


BC II: Grog's Revenge
Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom
Cosmic Avenger
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr. (B)

Dr. Suess Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzler
Dukes of Hazard


& Frogger II: Threeedeep!
Gorf (M)
Ken Uston Blackjack and Poker
Lady Bug
Miner 2049er
Montezuma's Revenge
Mountain King
Mouse Trap (BM)
Mr. Do!
Omega Race

Pepper II

& Pitfall II: the Lost Caverns
Quest for Quintana Roo

River Raid
Rocky Super Action Boxing
Smurfs Rescue in Gargamel's Castle
Space Fury
Space Panic
Super Action Baseball
Super Action Football
Super Cobra
Time Pilot
Zaxxon (M)


Emerson Arcadia 2001
*Note: if youre looking for a label variation (Emerson, Liesure-Vision, Hanimex, etc) *
* for this system, let me know - these aren't all Emersons.                                          *
3D Bowling
Alien Invaders (BM)
American Football (BM)
Baseball (BO)
Brain Quiz
Breakaway (BM)
Cat Trax (BMO)
Crazy Gobbler
Escape (BMO)
Jungler (B)
Missile War (B)
Ocean Battle
Red Clash

Robot Killer
Soccer (BO)
Space Attack (BM)
Space Mission
Space Raiders (BO)
Space Vultures
Star Chess (BMO)
Tanks A Lot (BMO)


Fairchild Channel F
12-Baseball (BM)
21-Bowling (BM)
2-Desert Fox / Shooting Gallery
9-Drag Race (BM)
7-Math Quiz II
17-Pinball Challenge
1-Tic-Tac-Toe / Shooting Gallery /...  (BM)
3-Video Blackjack (BM)


Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (BMO)
AD and D - Treasure of Tarmin – regular or white label (MO)
Armor Battle – regular or white label (BMO)
Astrosmash – regular or white label (BMO)
Atlantis (BMO)
Auto Racing (BMO)
B-17 Bomber (BMO)
Backgammon (BMO)
Beauty and the Beast (BMO)
Bomb Squad (BMO)
Bowling – regular or white label (BMO)
Boxing – regular or white label (BMO)
Bump 'n' Jump – regular or white label (O)
BurgerTime – regular or white label (BMO)
Carnival (M)
Centipede (M)
Championship Tennis
Checkers (O)
Chess – regular or white label (MO)
Demon Attack (BMO)
Donkey Kong (BM)
Donkey Kong Jr.
Dragonfire (MO)
Dreadnaught Factor, The
Frog Bog (BMO)
Frogger (BM)
Happy Trails (O)
Horse Racing – regular or white label (BMO)
Hover Force
Ice Trek
Kool-Aid Man (BO)
Las Vegas Poker and Blackjack – regular or white label (BMO)
Las Vegas Roulette (BMO)
Lock 'n' Chase – regular or white label (BMO)
Loco-Motion (BMO)
Major League Baseball – regular or white label (BMO)
Masters of the Universe: Power of He-Man (MO)
Math Fun – regular or white label (MO)
Microsurgeon (BMO)
Mission X – regular or white label (MO)
Motocross (M)
Mouse Trap (MO)
NASL Soccer (BMO)
NBA Basketball – regular or white label (BMO)
NFL Football – regular or white label (BMO)
NHL Hockey – regular or white label (BMO)
Night Stalker – regular or white label (BMO)
Nova Blast
Pac-Man (white label)
PGA Golf – regular or white label (BMO)
Pitfall! (BMO)
Pole Position

Q*bert (BM)
Reversi (O)
Royal Dealer – regular or white label
Scooby Doo's Maze Chase (O)
Sea Battle – regular or white label (BMO)
Sewer Sam (M)
Shark! Shark! (O)
Sharp Shot – regular or white label (MO)
Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball
Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey
Snafu (BMO)
Space Armada – regular or white label (BMO)
Space Battle – regular or white label (BMO)
Space Hawk – regular or white label (BMO)
Space Spartans (BMO)
Stampede (BMO)
Star Strike – regular or white label (BMO)
Sub Hunt – regular or white label (BMO)
Super Pro Decathlon
Super Pro Football
Swords and Serpents (O)
Tennis (BMO)
Thin Ice (M)
Tower of Doom
Triple Action (BMO)
Tron Deadly Disks – regular or white label (MO)
TRON Maze-A-Tron (BMO)
Tron Solar Sailer (BO)
Tropical Trouble (M))
Truckin' (BMO)
U.S. Ski Team Skiing – regular or white label (BMO)
Utopia - – regular or white label (BMO)
Vectron – regular or white label (MO)
White Water
Word Fun (MO)
World Championship Baseball
World Cup Soccer


Magnavox Odyssey2
Alien Invaders---Plus (BM)
Alpine Skiing (BM)
Attack of the Timelord  (M)
Baseball (BM)
Blackjack (BM)
Blockout / Breakdown (M)
Bowling/Basketball (BM)
Casino Slot Machine
Computer Golf (BM)
Computer Intro (B)
Conquest of the World (BM)
Cosmic Conflict (BM)
Demon Attack
Dynasty (M)
Electronic Table Soccer (BM)
Football (BM)
Freedom Fighters (BM)
Hockey / Soccer (BM)
I've Got Your Number
Invaders from Hyperspace (BM)
K.C. Munchkin (BM)
K.C.'s Krazy Chase (BM)

Keyboard Creations
Killer Bees (BM)
Matchmaker / Buzzword / Logix (BM)
Math-a-Magic / Echo (BM)
Monkeyshines (BM)
Nimble Numbers NED
Out of this World / Helicopter Rescue (M)
Pachinko (BM)
Pick Axe Pete (BM)
Pocket Billiards
P.T. Barnum's Acrobats (M)
Q*Bert (Brazilian Import)
Quest for the Rings (B)
Showdown in 2100 A.D. (BM)
SID the Spellbinder (M)
Speedway/Spin-Out/Crypto-Logic (BM)
Sub Chase/Armored Encounter (BM)
Super Cobra (Brazilian Import)
Take the money and Run (BM)
Type and Tell (BM)
Volleyball (BM)
War of Nerves (B)
Videopac 10
Videopac 11
Videopac 22
Videopac 29
Videopac 31
Videopac 34
Videopac 38


NEC Turbo-Grafx 16

*NOTE* B for this system refers to jewel case.  I have no spare outer boxes
Alien Crush (BM)
Ballistix (M)
Battle Royale (BM)
Blazing Lazers (BM)
Bloody Wolf (BM)
Bonk's Adventure (BM)
Bonk's Revenge (BM)
Chew Man-Fu (M)
China Warrior (BM)
Cratermaze (M)
Devil's Crush (BM)
Double Dungeons (BM)
Dungeon Explorer (BM)
Fantasy Zone (M)
Final Lap Twin (M)

Galaga ‘90
J.J. and Jeff (BM)
Keith Courage in Alpha Zones (BM)
Legendary Axe (BM)
Neutopia (BM)
Parasol Stars
R-Type (BM)
Sidearms (BM)
Super Volleyball (Box & manual ONLY – no game)
Takin' it to the Hoop (BM)
Timeball (M)
Tricky Kick
TV Sports Basketball (BM)
TV Sports Football (BM)
Victory Run (BM)
World Class Baseball (BM)
World Court Tennis (BM)


Nintendo NES/SNES/GameBoy/N64
Gameboy: Castlevania Adventure
Gameboy: Fist of the North Star
Gameboy: Game Genie
Gameboy: Pokemon red
Gameboy: Pokemon yellow
Gameboy: Qix
Gameboy: Super Mario Land
Gameboy: Super Mario Land 2
Gameboy: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan
Gameboy: Tetris
Gameboy Color: Boarder Zone
Gameboy Color: Quest Fantasy Adventure
Gameboy Color: Zelda Oracle of Ages
Gameboy/ GB Color: GameShark v3.1
N64: Army Men Air Combat
N64: Banjo-Kazooie
N64: Banjo-Tooie
N64: Bust-A-Move 2 Arcade edition
N64: Conker's Bad Fur Day
N64: Destruction Derby 64
N64: Diddy Kong Racing (M)
N64: Donkey Kong 64
N64: Elmo's Letter Adventure
N64: Elmo's Number Journey

N64: F-Zero X
N64: FIFA 99

N64: Fighter Destiny 2
N64: Goldeneye 007
N64: International Track & Field 2000
N64: Jeopardy
N64: Kirby the Crystal Shards
N64: Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
N64: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
N64: Mario Golf
N64: Mario Kart 64 (M)
N64: Mario Party
N64: Mario Party 2
N64: Mario Party 3
N64: Mario Tennis
N64: Midway Arcades' Greatest Hits 1

N64: Mystical Ninja

N64: Namco Museum

N64: NBA Jam 99
N64: NBA Live 99

N64: NBA Live 2000
N64: New Tetris, The
N64: NFL Blitz Special Edition
N64: Perfect Dark
N64: Pokemon Stadium 2
N64: Star Wars Episode I Racer (M)
N64: Star Wars Rogue Squadron (M)
N64: Star Fox 64
N64: Super Mario 64
N64: Super Smash Bros.
N64: Supercross 2000
N64: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
N64: Toy Story 2
N64: Triple Play 2000
N64: Waialae Country Club

N64: Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hockey
N64: Yoshi's Story (M)
NES: 1942
NES: 720 degrees
NES: 8 Eyes

&NES: Abadox (M)
NES: Adventure Island
NES: Adventures of Bayou Billy  (M)
NES: Adventures of Link (M)
NES: Adventures of Lolo II
NES: Adventures of Tom Sawyer
NES: Air Fortress
NES: Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing
NES: All-Pro Basketball
NES: Anticipation
NES: Arch Rivals  (M)
NES: Bad Dudes (M)
NES: Baseball Stars
NES: Bases Loaded
NES: Bases Loaded 3
NES: Bible Adventures

NES: Blades of Steel
NES: Break Time
NES: Bubble Bobble
NES: California Games
NES: Captain Comic
NES: Casino Kid II
NES: Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
NES: Championship Bowling
NES: Chessmaster
NES: City Connection
NES: Classic Concentration
NES: Cobra Command
NES: Codename: Viper
NES: Commando
NES: Contra
NES: Deathbots
NES: Defender II
NES: Defender of the Crown
NES: Dig Dug II
NES: Donkey Kong Classics
NES: Double Dragon
NES: Double Dragon II
NES: Double Dribble (M)
NES: Double Strike
NES: Dr. Mario  (M)
NES: Dragon Warrior  (M)
NES: Duck Hunt  (M)
NES: Duck Tales
NES: Dynowarz
NES: Excitebike  (M)
NES: Exodus
NES: F-15 City War
NES: Fester's Quest  (M)
NES: Fighting Golf
NES: Final Fantasy
NES: Fisher Price Perfect Fit
NES: Freedom Force
NES: Friday the 13th
NES: Game Genie (no codebook)
NES: Gauntlet
NES: Gauntlet II
NES: Ghoul School
NES: Godzilla
NES: Golf
NES: Goonies II
NES: Gotcha!
NES: Guardian Legend, The
NES: Gyromite
NES: Gyruss
NES: Harlem Globetrotters
NES: Hydlide
NES: Ice Climber
NES: Ice Hockey  (M)
NES: Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road
NES: Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes  (M)
NES: Jaws
NES: John Elway's Quarterback
NES: Jordan vs. Bird One-on-One
NES: Joshua
NES: Joust
NES: King of Kings
NES: Kirby's Adventure
NES: Kiwi Kraze
NES: Krusty's Fun House
NES: Kung Fu  (M)
NES: Legacy of the Wizard
NES: Legend of Kage, The
NES: Life Force
NES: Little Nemo Dream Master
NES: Lode Runner
NES: Lunar Pool
NES: Magic Johnson's Fast Break
NES: Magic of Scheherezade
NES: Major League Baseball (M)
NES: Maniac Mansion  (M)
NES: Marble Madness
NES: Mega Man 2
NES: Mega Man 3
NES: Mega Man 6
NES: Metal Gear
NES: Metroid
NES: Mighty Bomb Jack
NES: Mike Tyson's Punch-out  (M)
NES: Millipede
NES: Mission Cobra
NES: Mission Impossible  (M)
NES: Ninja Gaiden III
NES: Nobunaga's Ambition
NES: Operation Wolf
NES: Othello
NES: Pac-Man (unlicensed Tengen version)
NES: Pac-Man (licensed version)
NES: Pac-Mania
NES: Paperboy
NES: Phantom Fighter
NES: Pin Bot  (M)
NES: Pinball
NES: Pinball Quest
NES: Predator
NES: Pro Wrestling
NES: Punch-out
NES: Quattro Sports
NES: Rad Racer
NES: Rad Racket Deluxe Tennis 2
NES: Rainbow Islands
NES: Rambo (M)
NES: Rampage
NES: RBI Baseball
NES: Renegade
NES: River City Ransom
NES: Road Blasters
NES: Robo Warrior
NES: Rocket Ranger (M)
NES: Rolling Thunder
NES: Romance of the Three Kingdoms
NES: Section Z
NES: Sesame St: ABC
NES: Sesame St: Big Bird's Hide 'n' Speak
NES: Shock Wave
NES: Shooting Range
NES: Skate or Die  (M)
NES: Sky Kid
NES: Slalom
NES: Smash TV
NES: Solstice (M)
NES: Spiritual Warfare
NES: Stack Up
NES: Star Force
NES: Star Trek 25th Anniversary
NES: Star Tropics
NES: Super C
NES: Super Glove Ball
NES: Super Jeopardy
NES: Super Mario / Duck Hunt  (M)
NES: Super Mario / World Class Track / Duck Hunt
NES: Super Mario Bros. (M)
NES: Super Mario 2
NES: Super Mario 3  (M)
NES: Super Spike V'ball  (M)
NES: Super Sprint  (M)
NES: Swords and Serpents
NES: T&C Surf Designs
NES: Target: Renegade
NES: Tecmo Super Bowl
NES: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
NES: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II
NES: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
NES: Tennis
NES: Terminator 2
NES: Tetris  (M)
NES: Tetris (Tengen)
NES: The Legend of Zelda
NES: Three Stooges, The
NES: Tiger-Heli
NES: Time Lord  (M)
NES: To The Earth
NES: Top Gun
NES: Top Gun: 2nd Mission
NES: Track and Field
NES: Trog
NES: Ultima Quest of the Avatar
NES: Uncharted Waters
NES: Vegas Dream  (M)
NES: Werewolf
NES: Wheel of Fortune Jr. Edition
NES: Wheele of Fortune Featuring Vanna White
NES: Wheel of Fortune Family Edition
NES: Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego
NES: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
NES: Wild Gunman
NES: Wizards and Warriors
NES: World Class Track Meet
NES: World Cup
NES: WWF Wrestlemania
NES: Xevious
NES: Xexyz
NES: Yoshi’s Cookie (manual ONLY, no game)
Super Nintendo: Addams Family Puggsley's Scavenger Hunt
& Super Nintendo: Arcade’s Greatest Hits Atari Collection
Super Nintendo: Battle Grand Prix
Super Nintendo: Battletoads / Double Dragon
Super Nintendo: Bebe’s Kids
Super Nintendo: Blazeon
Super Nintendo: Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage
Super Nintendo: Carrier Aces

Super Nintendo: Chessmaster (SR)
Super Nintendo: Desert Strike
Super Nintendo: Donkey Kong Country
Super Nintendo: Donkey Kong Country 2
Super Nintendo: Donkey Kong Country 3
Super Nintendo: Doomsday Warrior
Super Nintendo: Exertainment Mountain Bike Rally
Super Nintendo: F-Zero
Super Nintendo: Fatal Fury
Super Nintendo: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Super Nintendo: Game Genie
Super Nintendo: Gradius III

Super Nintendo: Hunt for Red October
Super Nintendo: Illusion of Gaia
Super Nintendo: John Madden Football (M)
Super Nintendo: Judge Dredd
Super Nintendo: Kid Klown
Super Nintendo: Kirby's Dream Course
Super Nintendo: Lion King
Super Nintendo: Lord of the Rings
Super Nintendo: Mario Paint
Super Nintendo: Math Blaster Episode 1
Super Nintendo: Mech Warrior 3050
Super Nintendo: Mega Man X
Super Nintendo: Mortal Kombat II
Super Nintendo: P.T.O. October
Super Nintendo: Pilotwings
Super Nintendo: Pinball Dreams
Super Nintendo: Pinball Fantasies
Super Nintendo: Plok
Super Nintendo: Ranma 1/2: Hard Battle
Super Nintendo: Revolution X
Super Nintendo: Rise of the Robots
Super Nintendo: Rival Turf
Super Nintendo: RPM Radical Psycho Machine Racing
Super Nintendo: Scooby Doo Mystery
Super Nintendo: Secret of Evermore
Super Nintendo: Sim Earth
Super Nintendo: Skins Game

Super Nintendo: Starfox (M)
Super Nintendo: Street Fighter II
Super Nintendo: Street Fighter II Turbo
Super Nintendo: Super Alfred Chicken
Super Nintendo: Super Bases Loaded
Super Nintendo: Super Battletank (BM)
Super Nintendo: Super Caesar's Palace (M)
Super Nintendo: Super Double Dragon
Super Nintendo: Super Game Boy (M)
Super Nintendo: Super Ghouls and Ghosts
Super Nintendo: Super Mario All-Stars
Super Nintendo: Super Mario Kart
Super Nintendo: Super Mario RPG: Legend of Seven Stars
Super Nintendo: Super Mario World (M)
Super Nintendo: Super Off-Road: the Baja
Super Nintendo: Super Play Action Football (BM)
Super Nintendo: Super Putty
Super Nintendo: Super Scope 6
Super Nintendo: Super Solitaire
Super Nintendo: Super Star Wars
Super Nintendo: Tecmo Super NBA Basketball
Super Nintendo: Tetris Attack
Super Nintendo: Tiny Toons: Buster Busts Loose
Super Nintendo: Turtles IV
Super Nintendo: Waialae Country Club
Super Nintendo: War 2410
Super Nintendo: Wing Commander
Super Nintendo: Wizardry V
Super Nintendo: Y's III
Super Nintendo: Yoshi's Island

RCA Studio II
Baseball {TV Arcade IV}(BM)
Blackjack {TV Casino I} (BM)
Space War {TV Arcade I}
Speedway / Tag
Tennis / Squash {TV Arcade III}(BM)
TV Schoolhouse I
TV Schoolhouse II: Math Fun


Sega Dreamcast/Master/Genesis/32X/Game Gear/Pico
Dreamcast: Air Force Delta (BM)
Dreamcast: Crazy Taxi (BM)
Dreamcast: Crazy Taxi 2 (BM)
Dreamcast: Fur Fighters
Dreamcast: Grandia II (B) no music disc
Dreamcast: Grinch, the
Dreamcast: House of the Dead 2 (BM)
Dreamcast: King of Fighters Dream Match

Dreamcast: Matt Hoffman’s Pro BMX (case & manual ONLY, no game)
Dreamcast: Plasma Sword (BM)
Dreamcast: Power Stone (in rental case)
Dreamcast: Ready to Rumble Boxing
Dreamcast: Sega Bass Fishing (BM)

Dreamcast: Shadow Man (case & manual ONLY, no game)
Dreamcast: Skies of Arcadia (BM)

Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure (B)

Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure 2

& Dreamcast: Soul Calibur (BM)

Dreamcast: Speed Devils (BM)

Dreamcast: Super Magnetic Neo

Dreamcast: Tee-Off Golf (box only, no game)

Dreamcast: Tokyo Extreme Racer (M)
Dreamcast: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (BM)

Dreamcast: Toy Commander

Dreamcast: Ultimate Fighting Championship

Dreamcast: Virtua Fighter 3tb
Dreamcast: Web Browser 2.0 (BM)
Dreamcast: Wild Metal (BM)

Dreamcast: Worms Armageddon (BM)

& Dreamcast: Worms World Party (BM)
Dreamcast: Zombie Revenge (M)
Game Gear: 5-in-1 Fun Pack
Game Gear: Aerial Assault
Game Gear: Aladdin
Game Gear: Asterix & the Great Rescue
Game Gear: Ax Battler
Game Gear: Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II
Game Gear: Batman Forever
Game Gear: Bust-a-Move
Game Gear: Caesar's Palace
Game Gear: Castle of Illusion
Game Gear: Chakan
Game Gear: Chicago Syndicate
Game Gear: Chuck Rock
Game Gear: Clutch Hitter
Game Gear: Columns
Game Gear: Cool Spot
Game Gear: Crystal Warriors
Game Gear: Desert Speedtrap
Game Gear: Desert Strike
Game Gear: Devilish
Game Gear: Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
Game Gear: Dragon Crystal
Game Gear: Dynamite Headdy
Game Gear: FIFA Soccer
Game Gear: G-Loc
Game Gear: George Foreman's KO Boxing
Game Gear: Jurassic Park
Game Gear: Leaderboard Golf (manual ONLY, no game)
Game Gear: Lemmings
Game Gear: Lion King (BM)
Game Gear: Lost World - Jurassic Park
Game Gear: Majors Pro Baseball, The
Game Gear: Marble Madness
Game Gear: Mickey Mouse Land of Illusion
Game Gear: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Game Gear: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie
Game Gear: Mortal Kombat
Game Gear: Mortal Kombat II
Game Gear: NBA Jam
Game Gear: NBA Jam T.E.
Game Gear: NFL ‘95
Game Gear: NHL All-Star Hockey
Game Gear: Ninja Gaiden
Game Gear: Out Run Europa
Game Gear: Pac-Man
Game Gear: PGA Tour Golf
Game Gear: PGA Tour Golf II
Game Gear: Poker Face Paul's Poker
Game Gear: Poker Face Paul's Solitaire
Game Gear: Primal Rage
Game Gear: Psychic World
Game Gear: Putt and Putter
Game Gear: Ren and Stimpy's Quest for the Shaven Yak
Game Gear: Ristar
Game Gear: Road Rash
Game Gear: Scratch Golf
Game Gear: Shinobi
Game Gear: Simpsons: Bart vs. the World
Game Gear: Simpsons: The Itchy and Scratchy Game
Game Gear: Sonic the Hedgehog
Game Gear: Sonic 2
Game Gear: Sonic Chaos
Game Gear: Sonic Drift (Japan import)
Game Gear: Sonic Drift 2
Game Gear: Sonic Triple Trouble
Game Gear: Sports Illustrated Championship Football and Baseball
Game Gear: Sports Trivia
Game Gear: Star Wars
Game Gear: Stargate
Game Gear: Streets of Rage
Game Gear: Super Battletank
Game Gear: Super Columns
Game Gear: Super Space Invaders
Game Gear: T2 The Arcade Game
Game Gear: Taz in Escape from Mars
Game Gear: Taz-Mania
Game Gear: Tempo Jr.
Game Gear: Tesserae
Game Gear: Tom & Jerry - the Movie
Game Gear: True Lies
Game Gear: VR Troopers
Game Gear: Woody Pop
Game Gear: World Series Baseball
Game Gear: Wrestlemania Steel Cage Challenge
Game Gear: X-Men
Game Gear: X-Men Gamemaster's Legacy
Genesis: 3 Ninjas Kick Back
Genesis: 6 Pack
Genesis: Aaahh! Real Monsters
Genesis: Aero the Acrobat
Genesis: Aerobiz
Genesis: Afterburner II
Genesis: Air Buster
Genesis: Aladdin (BM)
Genesis: Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
Genesis: Alien 3 (B)
Genesis: Alien Storm
Genesis: Alisia Dragoon
Genesis: Altered Beast (B)
Genesis: Animaniacs
Genesis: Arcade Classics (B)

Genesis: Arcade’s Greatest Hits (Williams)
Genesis: Ariel - the Little Mermaid
Genesis: Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf (B)
Genesis: Atomic Robo-Kid

Genesis: AWS Pro-Moves Soccer
Genesis: Barbie Super Model

Genesis: Barkley Shut Up and Jam 2
Genesis: Barney's Hide and Seek Game (B)

Genesis: Batman Returns
Genesis: Battle Squadron
Genesis: Battletech
Genesis: Battletoads & Double Dragon
Genesis: Beauty & the Beast - Belle's Quest
Genesis: Beauty & the Beast - Roar of the Beast (B)
Genesis: Berenstain Bears Camping Adventure
Genesis: Beyond Oasis
Genesis: Bill Walsh College Football
Genesis: Bill Walsh College Football '95 (BM)
Genesis: Blockout
Genesis: Bonanza Brothers
Genesis: Bonkers
Genesis: Boogerman
Genesis: Bubba 'n' Stix
Genesis: Budokan
Genesis: Bugs Bunny Double Trouble
Genesis: Bulls vs. Blazers
Genesis: Bulls vs. Lakers
Genesis: Busby II

Genesis: Buster Douglas Knockout Boxing
Genesis: Caesar's Palace
Genesis: Captain America and the Avengers
Genesis: Castle of Illusion Mickey Mouse
Genesis: Chakan
Genesis: Championship Bowling (B)
Genesis: Championship Pro-Am

Genesis: Chiki Chiki Boys (B)

Genesis: Chuck Rock
Genesis: Clay Fighter
Genesis: Clue
Genesis: Coach K College Basketball

Genesis: College Football USA ‘96
Genesis: College Football's National Championship II
Genesis: College Slam
Genesis: Columns (BM)

Genesis: Columns III
Genesis: Combat Cars
Genesis: Comix Zone
Genesis: Contra Hard Corps
Genesis: Cool Spot
Genesis: Crack Down
Genesis: Crystal's Pony Tale
Genesis: Cyberball

Genesis: Dark Castle

Genesis: Demolition Man
Genesis: Desert Strike (B)
Genesis: DinoLand
Genesis: Dinosaurs for Hire
Genesis: Double Dragon
Genesis: Double Dribble Playoff Edition
Genesis: Dragon's Revenge
Genesis: Dungeons & Dragons
Genesis: Dynamite Headdy (B)
Genesis: Earnest Evans
Genesis: Earthworm Jim (bad label)

Genesis: Earthworm Jim 2
Genesis: Ecco the Dolphin

Genesis: Ecco the Tides of Time
Genesis: Eternal Champions (B)
Genesis: Evander Holyfield Boxing (B)
Genesis: Exile
Genesis: Exodus
Genesis: F-22 Interceptor (B)
Genesis: Faery Tale Adventure (BM)
Genesis: Fantasia (BM)
Genesis: Fantastic Dizzy
Genesis: Fatal Fury (bad label)
Genesis: Fatal Rewind (B)
Genesis: FIFA Soccer 96
Genesis: Fighting Masters
Genesis: Fire Shark
Genesis: Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball
Genesis: Fun 'n' Games (B)
Genesis: Gaiares
Genesis: Game Genie
Genesis: Gargoyles
Genesis: Gauntlet IV
Genesis: General Chaos (BM)
Genesis: George Foreman KO Boxing
Genesis: Ghostbusters
Genesis: Ghouls 'n' Ghosts (BM)
Genesis: Global Gladiators
Genesis: Gods
Genesis: Golden Axe (BM)
Genesis: Golden Axe II
Genesis: Goofy's Hysterical History Tour (BM)
Genesis: Granada

Genesis: Great Circus Mystery
Genesis: Growl
Genesis: Gunstar Heroes (B)
Genesis: Hard Drivin'
Genesis: Hardball (B)
Genesis: Head-on Soccer
Genesis: Heavy Nova
Genesis: Herzog Zwei
Genesis: Hit the Ice
Genesis: Insector X
Genesis: James Pond Underwater Agent
Genesis: Jammit
Genesis: Jeopardy
Genesis: Jerry Glanville's Pigskin Footbrawl
Genesis: John Madden Football
Genesis: John Madden Football Championship Edition
Genesis: Jordan vs. Bird
Genesis: Jungle Book
Genesis: Jurassic Park
Genesis: Justice League Task Force
Genesis: King's Bounty
Genesis: Lakers vs. Celtics
Genesis: Landstalker (BM)

Genesis: Last Action Hero
Genesis: Last Battle
Genesis: LHX Attck Chopper
Genesis: Lion King
Genesis: Lost Vikings
Genesis: Lost World, The
Genesis: Madden '94 (BM)
Genesis: Madden '95 (BM)
Genesis: Madden '97

Genesis: Madden ‘98
Genesis: Magic School Bus
Genesis: Marble Madness
Genesis: Mario Andretti Racing
Genesis: Mario Lemieux Hockey
Genesis: Marsupilami
Genesis: Mazin Saga Mutant Fighter (M)
Genesis: McDonald's Treasure Land
Genesis: Menacer

Genesis: Mercs (Box & Manual ONLY – no cart)
Genesis: Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
Genesis: Mickey Mania
Genesis: Might and Magic: Gates to Another World
Genesis: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Genesis: Mike Ditka Power Football
Genesis: Minnesota Fats Pool Legend
Genesis: Monopoly (BM)
Genesis: Mortal Kombat (B)
Genesis: Mortal Kombat II (BM)
Genesis: Motal Kombat 3 (BM)
Genesis: Ms. Pac-Man (B)
Genesis: MUSHA
Genesis: Mutant League Football
Genesis: Mystical Fighter

Genesis: NBA Hang Time
Genesis: NBA Jam (BM)
Genesis: NBA Jam TE (B)
Genesis: NBA Live '95
Genesis: NBA Live '96 (B)
Genesis: NBA Live '97
Genesis: NBA Showdown 94 (BM)
Genesis: NFL '94
Genesis: NFL '95 (B)

Genesis: NFL Quarterback Club (B)

Genesis: NHL ‘94
Genesis: NHL '95 (B)
Genesis: NHL '96 (B)
Genesis: NHL '97
Genesis: NHLPA Hockey '93 (B)
Genesis: Olympic Gold (BM)

Genesis: Olympic Summer Games
Genesis: Outrun 2019
Genesis: Ooze, The
Genesis: P.T.O. Pacific Theatre of Operations
Genesis: Pac-Man 2
Genesis: Pac-Mania
Genesis: Pat Riley Basketball
Genesis: Pebble Beach Golf Links
Genesis: Pele
Genesis: Pete Sampras Tennis

Genesis: PGA European Tour (M)
Genesis: PGA Tour Golf
Genesis: PGA Tour Golf II (BM)
Genesis: PGA Tour 96 (BM)
Genesis: Phantasy Star II (BM)
Genesis: Phantasy Star III (BM)
Genesis: Phantasy Star IV
Genesis: Phelios
Genesis: Pink Goes to Hollywood
Genesis: Pinocchio
Genesis: Pirates! Gold
Genesis: Pitfall - Mayan Adventure
Genesis: Powerball
Genesis: Predator 2
Genesis: Primal Rage
Genesis: Prime Time Football
Genesis: Pro Quarterback (B)
Genesis: Puggsy
Genesis: Quackshot (B)
Genesis: Raiden Trad
Genesis: Ranger X
Genesis: Rastan Saga II (B)
Genesis: RBI Baseball 3
Genesis: Revenge of Shinobi
Genesis: Richard Scarry's Busytown
Genesis: Risk
Genesis: Risky Woods
Genesis: Road Rash II (BM)
Genesis: Road Rash 3
Genesis: Roadblasters
Genesis: Robocop vs. Terminator (B)
Genesis: Romance of 3 Kingdoms III
Genesis: Saturday Night Slam Masters
Genesis: Seaquest DSV
Genesis: Sesame St. Counting Cafe

Genesis: Shadow Blasters
Genesis: Shadow Dancer
Genesis: Shadow of the Beast II
Genesis: Shaq-Fu
Genesis: Shanghai 2
Genesis: Shining Force (B)
Genesis: Shining Force II
Genesis: Shining in the Darkness (BM)
Genesis: Side Pocket
Genesis: Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants
Genesis: Simpsons: Krusty's Super Fun House
Genesis: Simpsons: Virtual Bart
Genesis: Slaughter Sport
Genesis: Sonic 2 (BM)
Genesis: Sonic 3
Genesis: Sonic 3D Blast
Genesis: Sonic and Knuckles
Genesis: Sonic Spinball
Genesis: Sonic the Hedgehog (BM)
Genesis: Space Harrier II
Genesis: Space Invaders 91
Genesis: Sparkster
Genesis: Spider-Man
Genesis: SpiderMan/Venom: Separation Anxiety

Genesis: SpiderMan/Venom: Maximum Carnage

Genesis: Sportstalk Baseball
Genesis: Sportstalk Football '93 (B)
Genesis: Spot Goes to Hollywood
Genesis: Star Trek the Next Generation
Genesis: Starflight (B)
Genesis: Stargate
Genesis: Steel Talons
Genesis: Stimpy's Invention
Genesis: Stormlord
Genesis: Street Fighter II (BM)
Genesis: Streets of Rage
Genesis: Streets of Rage II
Genesis: Strider (BM)
Genesis: Strider Returns
Genesis: Sub-Terrania
Genesis: Sunset Riders
Genesis: Super Baseball 2020
Genesis: Super Battleship (BM)

Genesis: Super Hangon

Genesis: Super High Impact

Genesis: Super Hydlide

Genesis: Super Monace GP (BM)
Genesis: Super Street Fighter II (B)
Genesis: Super Thunder Blade
Genesis: Super Volleyball
Genesis: Sylvester and Tweety
Genesis: T2: Judgement Day
Genesis: Taz in Escape from Mars
Genesis: Taz-Mania
Genesis: Team USA Basketball
Genesis: Technoclash
Genesis: Tecmo Super Bowl
Genesis: Tecmo Super Bowl III (M)
Genesis: Tecmo Super NBA Basketball (BM)
Genesis: Test Drive II
Genesis: Thunder Force II
Genesis: Tinhead
Genesis: Tiny Toons - Buster's Treasures
Genesis: TMNT Hyperstone Heist
Genesis: TMNT Tournament Fighters (B)
Genesis: TNN Outdoor Bass Tournament 96 (B)
Genesis: Todd's Adventures in Slime World
Genesis: Toejam & Earl
Genesis: Toejam & Earl Panic on Funkatron
Genesis: Toki: Going Ape Spit
Genesis: Tommy Lasorda Baseball
Genesis: Toxic Crusaders
Genesis: Toy Story
Genesis: Toys
Genesis: Trampoline Terror
Genesis: Triple Play 96

Genesis: Triple Play Gold Edition (M)
Genesis: Triple Score (B)
Genesis: Truxton
Genesis: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Genesis: Ultimate Qix (BM)
Genesis: Unneccessary Roughness '95
Genesis: Urban Strike
Genesis: Vapor Trail
Genesis: Vectorman 2

Genesis: Virtua Racing
Genesis: Warrior of Rome II
Genesis: Wayne's World (B)
Genesis: WeaponLord

Genesis: Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego
Genesis: Wings of Wor
Genesis: Winter Olympic Games

Genesis: Wiz ‘n’ Liz
Genesis: Wonderboy in Moster World
Genesis: World Heroes
Genesis: World of Illusion
Genesis: World Series Baseball
Genesis: World Series Baseball 95
Genesis: WWF Wrestlemania the Arcade Game
Genesis: X-Men
Genesis: X-Men 2
Genesis: Ys III
Genesis: Zany Golf
Genesis: Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel (B)

Genesis: Zero Tolerance
Genesis: Zoom
Genesis 32X: 36 Great Holes (BM)
Genesis 32X: BC Racers
Genesis 32X: Cosmic Carnage (M)
Genesis 32X: Doom (M)
Genesis 32X: Knuckles Chaotix

Genesis 32X: Metal Head
Genesis 32X: Mortal Kombat II
Genesis 32X: Moto Cross (M)
Genesis 32X: NBA Jam T.E. (BM)
Genesis 32X: NFL Quarterback Club
Genesis 32X: Primal Rage
Genesis 32X: Shadow Squadron (M)
Genesis 32X: Space Harrier
Genesis 32X: Star Wars Star Fleet Academy
Genesis 32X: Star Wars Arcade
Genesis 32X: Virtua Fighter
Genesis 32X: Virtua Racing Deluxe
Genesis 32X: Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000
Master System: Action Fighter
Master System: Aerial Assault (Box ONLY, no game)
Master System: Afterburner (BM)
Master System: Alex Kidd in Miracle World (BM)
Master System: Alex Kidd in Hi-Tech World (B)
Master System: Alex Kidd in Shinobi World
Master System: Alex Kidd the Lost Stars (B)
Master System: Alf
Master System: Alien Syndrome (BM)
Master System: Altered Beast (BM)
Master System: Aztec Adventure (BM)
Master System: Black Belt (BM)
Master System: Blade Eagle 3D
Master System: Bomber Raid (B)
Master System: California Games (BM)
Master System: Captain Silver (BM)
Master System: Casino Games (BM)
Master System: Castle of Illusion (BM)
Master System: Choplifter (BM)
Master System: Columns
Master System: Cyborg Hunter (B)
Master System: Dick Tracy (BM)
Master System: Double Dragon (BM)
Master System: E-Swat (B)
Master System: Enduro Racer (B)
Master System: F-16 Fighting Falcon (BM)
Master System: Fantasy Zone (BM)
Master System: Fantasy Zone II (BM)
Master System: Galaxy Force (BM)
Master System: Gangster Town (BM)
Master System: Ghost House (B)
Master System: Ghostbusters (B)
Master System: Global Defense (BM)
Master System: Golden Axe (B)
Master System: Golvellius (B)
Master System: Great Baseball (BM)
Master System: Great Basketball (BM)
Master System: Great Football (BM)
Master System: Great Golf (B)
Master System: Great Ice Hockey (B)
Master System: Great Soccer (BM)
Master System: Great Volleyball (BM)
Master System: Hang On / Astro Warrior (B)
Master System: Hang On / Safari Hunt (BM)
Master System: Joe Montana Football (BM)
Master System: Kenseiden (BM)

Master System: Kung Fu Kid (B)
Master System: Lord of the Sword (BM)
Master System: Maze Hunter 3D (BM)
Master System: Miracle Warriors Seal of the Dark Lord (BM)
Master System: Missile Defense 3D (BM)
Master System: Monopoly (BM)
Master System: My Hero (BM)
Master System: Ninja, The
Master System: Out Run (B)
Master System: Paperboy (BM)
Master System: Parlour Games (B)
Master System: Phantasy Star (BM)
Master System: Penguin Land (BM)
Master System: Pro Wrestling (BM)
Master System: Psyco Fox
Master System: Quartet (B)
Master System: R-Type (BM)
Master System: R.C. Grand Prix
Master System: Rambo (BM)
Master System: Rambo III (BM)
Master System: Rampage (BM)
Master System: Rastan (BM)
Master System: Reggie Jackson Baseball (B)
Master System: Rescue Mission (BM)
Master System: Rocky (BM)

Master System: Secret Command (Box ONLY, no game)
Master System: Shanghai
Master System: Shinobi (BM)
Master System: Shooting Gallery (BM)
Master System: Space Harrier (BM)
Master System: Space Harrier 3D
Master System: Spellcaster (BM)
Master System: Sports Pad Football (B)
Master System: Spy vs. Spy (B)
Master System: Super Tennis (BM)
Master System: Thunder Blade (BM)

Master System: Time Soldiers (BM)
Master System: Vigilante (B)
Master System: Walter Payton Football (BM)
Master System: Wanted (B)
Master System: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (BM)
Master System: Wonder Boy (BM)
Master System: Wonder Boy in Monster Land (BM)
Master System: Wonder Boy III: Dragon's Trap (B)
Master System: World Grand Prix (BM)
Master System: Y's (the Vanished Omens)
Master System: Zaxxon 3D (BM)
Master System: Zillion (BM)
Master System: Zillion II

Mega Drive: E-Swat (BM)

Mega Drive: Gynoug (B)
Mega Drive: Street Racer (BM)

Mega Drive: Tetris (B) - bootleg
Pico: 101 Dalmations
Pico: A Yeah at Pooh Corner
Pico: Adventures in Letter Land with Jack and Jill
Pico: Berenstain Bears a School Day

Pico: Ecco Jr.
Pico: Huckle and Lowly's Busiest Day Ever
Pico: Lion King (B)
Pico: Magic Crayons

Pico: Magic School Bus
Pico: Mickey's Blast into the Past  (B)
Pico: Muppets on the Go
Pico: Musical Zoo
Pico: Pocahontas (B)
Pico: Sesame St. Alphabet Avenue
Pico: Smart Alex and Alice
Pico: Sonic the Hedgehog's Gameworld

Pico: Tails and the Music Maker

Saturn: Andretti Racing (BM)
Saturn: Astal (BM)

Saturn: Baku Baku
Saturn: Black Fire (BM)

Saturn: Blazing Dragons (BM)

Saturn: Bust-a-move 2 arcade edition (BM)

Saturn: Daytona USA (M)

Saturn: Die Hard Trilogy (Manual ONLY)
Saturn: Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball
Saturn: Galactic Attack (BM)
Saturn: Iron Storm (BM)
Saturn: Magic Carpet (BM)
Saturn: NiGHTS into Dreams (B) not for resale version
Saturn: Panzer Dragoon Zwei II (BM)

Saturn: Pebble Beach Golf Links (BM)
Saturn: Rayman (B)
Saturn: Robitica (M)
Saturn: Shining Wisdom

Saturn: SimCity 2000

Saturn: Skeleton Warriors

Saturn: Street Fighter the Movie

Saturn: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (BM)

Saturn: Virtua Cop (not-for-resale version in cardboard sleeve)
Saturn: Virtua Fighter 2 (in cardboard sleeve) (M)

Saturn: Virtua Fighter Kids (Manual ONLY)
Sega CD: Batman Returns
Sega CD: Cliffhanger (BM)
Sega CD: Double Switch (BM)

Sgea CD: Ecco, the Tides of Time (BM)
Sega CD: ESPN National Hockey Night (BM)

Sega CD: FIFA International Soccer (manual ONLY)

Sega CD: Flashback the Quest for Identity (BM)
Sega CD: Formula 1 Beyond the Limit

Sega CD: Ground Zero Texas (BM)
Sega CD: Hook

Sega CD: Jurassic Park (BM)
Sega CD: Lethal Enforcers
Sega CD: Links (BM)
Sega CD: Lunar - the Silver Star (BM)
Sega CD: Mad Dog McCree (M)
Sega CD: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (B)
Sega CD: Rise of the Dragon (BM)

Sega CD: Sega Classics 4-in-1/Sherlock Holmes (B)
Sega CD: Sewer Shark

Sega CD: Sol-Feace
Sega CD: Stellar-Fire (BM)
Sega CD: Third World War (BM)

Sega CD: Tomcat Alley (BM)
Sega CD: Wing Commander (BM)
Sega CD: WWF Rage in the Cage (B)

Sgea 32XCD: Slam City (BM)


Commodore VIC-20
Adventure Land Adventure (BM)


Alien  (Super Alien)

Apple Panic


Atlantis (BM)

Attack of the Mutant Camels




Black Hole

& Cardco 16K RAM



Clowns (M)

Commodore 16K RAM

Commodore 3K RAM

Commodore 8K RAM

Congo Bongo

Cosmic Cruncher (BM)

Demon Attack

Dig Dug

Donkey Kong

Dragonfire (BM)


Final Orbit & Bumper Bash


Garden Wars


& HesMon


Home Babysitter

IFR Flight Simulator (M)

In the Chips

Jupiter Lander


K-Star Patrol (M)

Lunar Leeper

Machine Language Monitor


Mission Impossible Adventure

Mole Attack

Money Wars

Monster Maze

Moon Patrol

Ms. Pac-Man

Number Nabber, Shape Grabber

Omega Race (BM)


Pirate's Cove Adventure (BM)

Poker  (Draw Poker)

Pole Position

Programmer's Aid



Radar Rat Race

Raid on Fort Knox (Bank Robber)

River Rescue

Road Race (Midnight Drive)

Sargon II Chess

Satellites and Meteorites

Sea Wolf



Speed Math & Bingo Math

Star Post

Star Trek  (S.O.S.)

Story Machine

Super Expander w/3K Ram

Submarine Commander (Box ONLY)

Super Smash (M)


The Count Adventure (BM)

The Sky is Falling (BM)


Tooth Invaders



Turtle Graphics

Type Attack

Vic Forth (M)

Vic Music Composer (B)

Videomania (B)

Visible Solar System (M)

Voodoo Castle Adventure (B)


Commodore 64/128 Cartridges
* Also see the list of disk-based programs for the 64 and 128     *
* at the bottom of this file.                                                           *

A Bee C's
AEA Compackratt
AEA Com Fax
Alf in the Color Caves
Alpha Build
Alphabet Zoo
Attack of the Mutant Camels
B.C.'s Quest for Tires
Better Working Turbo Load and Save
Big Bird's Funhouse
Big Bird's Special Delivery
Calc Result
Clowns (M)
Congo Bongo
Crisis Mountain
Currah Speech64
Dance Fantasy (no label)
Delta Drawing Learning Program
Designer's Pencil
Dig Dug
Donkey Kong (M)
Ducks Ahoy!
Ernie's Magic Shapes (BM)
Facemaker (Make-A-Face)
Fast Load
Final Cartridge III
Financial Advisor
Fraction Fever
Frog Master
Gateway to Apshai
HESMon 64
Hop Along Counting
Insta-Writer (BM)
International Soccer (M)
Jack Attack
James Bond 007

& Jawbreaker II
Jumpman Junior
Jupiter Lander
Jungle Hunt
Jupiter Lander
Kids on Keys
Learning with Leeper
Leo's 'Lectric Paintbrush
Leo's Links (BMO) {requires PowerPad to play}
Linking Logic
Lode Runner
Logic Levels
LogicMaster (BMO) {requires PowerPad to play}
Mach 128
Mach 5
Magic Desk I
Master Type
Maze Master
Memory Manor
MicroMaestro (BMO) {requires PowerPad to play}
Minnesota Fats Pool Challenge
Moon Patrol
Mountain King
Movie Musical Madness
Ms. Pac-Man
Music Composer
Music Machine
Number Tumblers
Omega Race
Pac-Man (M)
Paint Brush
Partner 128 (BM)
Peanut Butter Panic
Pinball Spectacular

& Pipes
Pitfall II
Pole Position (M)
Q*bert (BM)
Radar Rat Race
Retro Ball
Robocop 2 (BM)
Rootin' Tootin'
Save New York
Sea Speller
Sea Wolf
&Seahorse Hide 'n Seek
Simons' BASIC
Solar Fox
Speed/Bingo Math
Spitball (BM)
Star Post
Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator
Star Wars the Arcade Game
Story Machine
Super Expander

& Super Sketch Master Cartridge
Super Snapshot v4
Super Snapshot v5
Super Zaxxon
Terminator 2
Time Bound
Tooth Invaders
Toy Bizarre
Turtle Graphics II
Up and Add 'em (no label)
Visible Solar System
Warp Speed
Wizard of Wor
Write Now
Zone Ranger


Radio Shack Color Computer
7 Card Stud
Alphabet Zoo
A-mazing World of Malcolm Mortar
Appliance and Light Controller
Art Gallery
Audio Spectrum Analyzer (BM)
Bridge Tutor
Canyon Climber
Castle Guard
Castle of Tharroggad
Clowns and Balloons (M)
CocoMax HiRes Pack
Color Baseball
Color Cubes
Color File (M)
Color File II
Color Logo
Color Scripsit
Color Scripsit II (BM)
Demolition Derby
Demon Attack
Diagnostics (M)
Dino Wars (M)
Don Pan
Dungeons of Daggorath (M)
Fraction Fever
Galactic Attack
GFL Championship Football II
Gin Champion
Graphic Pak
Kids on Keys
Math Bingo (M)
Math Tutor
Mega-Bug (M)
Micro Painter
Monster Maze
Panic Button
Personal Finance (M)
Personal Finance II (M)
Pinball (M)
Project Nebula
Quasar Commander
Rad Warrior
Robot Battle
Roman Checkers (M)
Shanghai (BM)
Shooting Gallery
Slay the Nereis
Space Assault (M)
Springster (BM)
Stellar LifeLine
Super Pitfall
Temple of ROM
Typing Tutor
Wildcatting (no label)


Texas Instruments TI-99/4

Addition and Subtraction 1

Addition and Subtraction 2


Alien Addition

Alligator Mix

Alpiner (M)

A-Maze-ing (M)


Anteater (SR)

Beginning Grammar (M)


Blackjack and Poker (M)

Blasto (M)

Buck Rogers

Burgertime (M)

Car Wars (M)


Championship Baseball (M)

Chisholm Trail (M)

Computer Math Games II

Computer Math Games VI

Congo Bongo

Connect Four

Data Base Management



Demolition Division

Dig Dug

Disk Manager

Disk Manager 2


Division I

Donkey Kong (M)

Dragon Mix

Early Learning Fun (M)

Early Logo Learning Fun

Early Reading (M)

Editor / Assembler


Exceltec Extended BASIC

Extended BASIC (TI) (M)

Facemaker (M)

& Fathom

Football (M)

Fractional Numbers

Hangman (M)

& Henhouse

Home Financial Decisions (M)

Honey Hunt (M)


Household Budget Management (M)

Hunt the Wumpus (M)


I'm Hiding (Manual Only, no game)

Indoor Soccer (M)

Jawbreaker II

Jungle Hunt

Laws of Arithmetic


Measurement Formulas

Mechatronic Ext. BASIC II+

Meteor Multiplication

Microsoft Multiplan


Mind Challengers

Miner 2049er

Mini Memory

Minus Mission

Moon Mine

Moon Patrol

Ms. Pac-Man


Multiplication 1

Munch Man (M)


Music Maker

Myarc Extended Basic II

Number Magic

Number Readiness

Numeration I

Numeration II



Parsec (M)

Personal Real Estate (M)

Personal Record Keeping (M)

Personal Report Generator

Physical Fitness

Picnic Paranoia

Picture Parts

Pole Position


Princess and the Frog

Protector II

& Pyramid Puzzler


Reading Flight

Reading Fun

Reading On

Reading Rally

Reading Roundup

Return to Pirate's Isle

Scholastic Spelling Level 3

Scholastic Spelling Level 4

Scholastic Spelling Level 5

Scholastic Spelling Level 6

Securities Analysis (M)

Sewermania (M)




Space Bandits (M)

Speech Editor

Star Trek: Strategic Ops

Statistics (M)

Story Machine


Super Demon Attack

Super Fly

Tax/Investment Record Keeping

Terminal Emulator II (M)

The Attack (M)

TI Invaders (M)

TI Logo

TI Logo II


Tombstone City (M)

Touch Typing Tutor

Tunnels of Doom (M)

Video Chess (M)

Video Games 1

Video Graphs

Weight Control and Nutrition



Zero Zap


Atari 400/800/XL/XE
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe

Ace of Aces

Alphabet Zoo


Assembler Editor


Astro Chase

Atari Graphics

Atari Logo (BM)


AtariLab: Light Module

AtariLab: Temperature Module



Barnyard Blaster




Blue Max

Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom

Bug Hunt



Choplifter! (BM)



Computer Chess

Computer War

Congo Bongo

Dance Fantasy

David's Midnight Magic


Delta Drawing Learning Program (BM)

Deluxe Invaders

Demon Attack

Diamond Mine

Dig Dug

Donkey Kong (B)

Donkey Kong Junior

& Droids

E.T. Phone Home!

Eastern Front (1941)

Educational System Master

& Embargo

Facemaker (BM)

Fight Night

& Final Legacy

Flight Simulator II

Food Fight

Frogger (BM)


Gateway to Apshai





Journey to the Planets


Jumbo Jet Pilot (BM)

Jumpman Junior

Jungle Hunt



Kids on Keys (BM)



K-Razy Antiks

K-Razy Kritters

K-Razy Shoot-Out (K-Byte or CBS)

& K-Star Patrol

Linking Logic

Lode Runner

Mario Bros.

Math Encounter

Math Mileage

Memory Manor (manual only, no cart)

Microsoft BASIC II (M)


Miner 2049er

Missile Command

& Moon Patrol

Mountain King

Ms. Pac-Man

Music Composer

One-on-One Basketball

Pac-Man (B)





Pole Position


Protector II



RealSports Football

Rescue on Fractalus (M)

River Raid

River Rescue

Robotron: 2084

Sea Chase (SR)

Sesame St: Big Bird's Spec.Del. (BM)

Sesame St: Ernie's Magic Shapes (M)

Sky Writer

Slime (BM)

Smart Terminal

Soccer (M)

Space Invaders

& Springer

Star Raiders (M)

Star Raiders II (BM)

Star Trek: S.O.S.

Star Wars: Death Star Battle

Star Wars: The Arcade Game

Starion (SR)

Submarine Commander

Super Breakout

Super Cobra

Super Sketch Graphics Master

Telelink I


Typo Attack

Video Easel (M)

Webster: The Word Game

Wizard of Wor



CD-I: Compton’s Encyclopedia (BM)

Game.com: Indy 500
Game.com: Jeopardy
Game.com: Lights Out
Game.com: Quiz Wiz Cyber Trivia
Game.com: Williams Arcade Classics
IBM PC jr.: Cartridge BASIC
Mattel Aquarius: Biorhythms

Memorex VIS: Americans in Space (SR)

Memorex VIS: Exploring National Parks (SR)

Neo Geo Pocket Color: Match of the Millenium
Neo Geo Pocket Color: Sonic Pocket Adventure
Playstation: Armored Core (BM)
Playstation: Army Men: Air Attack 2 (BM)
Playstation: Battle Hunter (M)

Playstation: Bomberman Party Edition (BM)

Playstation: Courier Crisis (B)

Playstation: Crash Bandicoot (B – Greatest Hits)
Playstation: CTR - Crash Team Racing

Playstation: Dance Dance Revolution (BM)

Playstation: Dance Dance Revolution Konamix (BM)

Playstation: Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas
Playstation: Dragonball Z Ultimate Battle 22
Playstation: Driver 2 (B)
Playstation: Final Fantasy IX (BM – Greatest Hits)
Playstation: Final Fantasy VII (B – Greatest Hits)
Playstation: Final Fantasy VIII (B)
Playstation: Final Fantasy Anthology (BM)
Playstation: Final Fantasy Chronicles (B - Greatest Hits)
Playstation: Final Fantasy Tactics (BM – Greatest Hits)
Playstation: Frogger (B – Greatest Hits)

Playstation: Gex 3 (B)
Playstation: Gran Turismo 2 (BM – regular or Greatest Hits)
Playstation: Hydro Thunder (BM)

Playstation: Incredible Crisis (BM)

Playstation: MediEvil (BM)

Playstation: Megaman X5
Playstation: Moto Racer 2 (BM)
Playstation: Ogre Battle (BM)

Playstation: Parasite Eve (B) Disc 2 ONLY

Playstation: Sabrina Twitch in Time (BM)
Playstation: Spec Ops Ranger Elite (BM)
Playstation: Spin Jam (BM)
Playstation: Star Wars Rebel Assault II (B)
Playstation: Syphon Filter (B)

Playstation: Tecmo’s Deception (BM)

Playstation: Tekken 3 (BM – Greatest Hits)
Playstation: Tenchu (BM – Greatest Hits)
Playstation: Test Drive 5
Playstation: Tomb Raiders II
Playstation: Twisted Metal IV (B – Greatest Hits)
Playstation: World's Scariest Police Chases (B)
Playstation: Xenogears (B)
R-Zone: MK3
Socrates: Hodge-Podge
Timex / Sinclair 2068: Flight Simulator
Vectrex: Clean Sweep
Vectrex: Hyperchase
Vectrex: Star Hawk
Videobrain: Checkers (B)
Watara SuperVision: Chimera
Watara SuperVision: Crystball
Watara SuperVision: Juggler
Watara SuperVision: Sssnake
Watara SuperVision: Tasac 2010

Commodore 64/128 Disks
* These are all original disks.  Boxes (B) and Manuals (M) are    *
* noted when I have them, and (SR) for the occasional shrink-    *
* wrapped title.  A few are 128 specific (128), and some contain*
* versions for multiple systems (e.g. C64/Atari)                          *
Ace of Aces
Adventure Construction Set
Adventure Construction Set (BM)
Adventure Creator
Airborne Ranger (BM) x2
Airborne Ranger x2
Alge-Blaster (BM)
All the Right Type
America’s Cup (M)
Archon (BM)
Artist, The
Assembler Editor 64 (M)
Axis Assassin
Aztec (BM)
Bad Dudes
Bank St. Writer
Bank Street Writer (BM) x2
Bard’s Tale
Bard’s Tale (BM) x2
Bard’s Tale II (BM) x3
Bard’s Tale III (BM) x2
Battle Chess
Bazooka Bill
Becker Basic (M)
Beyond Castle Wolfenstein
Big Bird’s Special Delivery
Big Blue Reader 128 v4.1
Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (BM)
Black Magic
Bop 'n' Wrestle
Boulder Dash Construction Kit
Business (BM)
Business I
C64 Tutorial, Vol. 1
Cadpak 128
California Games
Cassette Bonus Pack (B)
Caveman Ugh-Lympics
CEIFile v 2.62
Championship Baseball
Championship Golf
Championship Wrestling
Chuck Yeager’s Advanced Flight Trainer (BM)
Clubhouse Sports (BM)
Clue - Master Directive
Compute’s Gazette Disk #16
Compute’s Gazette Disk #17
Compute’s Gazette Disk #18
Compute’s Gazette Disk #19
Compute’s Gazette Disk #21
Compute’s Gazette Disk #22
Compute’s Gazette Disk #23
Compute’s Gazette Disk #24
Compute’s Gazette Disk #25
Cutthroats (C64 / +4)
Dam Busters, The
Dark Lord
Dark Side (SR)
Data Manager 128 (BM)
Data Manager 2 x2
Deadline x2
Deadline (BM)
Def Con 5
Def Con 5 (BM)
Defender of the Crown
Defender of the Crown (BM)
Delphi’s Oracle (BM)
Delta Patrol (BM)
Desert Fox
Designer’s Pencil, The
Disk Bonus Pack
Disk Drive Manager, The
Dragon's Lair
Dragonworld (BM)
Duck Tales
Duel, The (Test Drive II)
Dungeon of the Algebra Dragons
Early Games
Easy Finance I (M) x2
Easy Spell Dictionary
EasyMail 64
Entertainer, The (Dragon Fly, Seesaw, Catastrophe)
Ernie’s Magic Shapes
F-14 Tomcat (BM)
F-15 Strike Eagle (M)
F-15 Strike Eagle x2
Family Fued
Fantastic Four
Felony! (BM)
Filer, The x2
Fleet Filer
Fleet System 2 (BM)
Fleet System 2+ w/ thesaurus
Flight Simulator II
Flight Simulator II (BM)
Flight Simulator II Scenery Disk – Western Europe (BM)
Forbidden Forest x2 (M)
Frogger, the Official – Sega
G.I. Joe (M)
Gamma Force
Garry Kitchen’s Gamemaker
Gauntlet II
GFL Championship Football
Ghostbusters x3
Golden Flutes and Great Escapes (BM)
Grandma’s House
Gunship (BM)
Hacker II: Doomsday Papers
Hayden S.A.T. Score Improvement System
Heat Wave
Hide and Seek
High Stakes
Hit Disk
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy x2 (BM)
Home Banker x2 (M)
Home Manager (M)
Home Office Workstation
How About a Nice Game of Chess
How to Program in BASIC
Hulk, The
Hunt for Red October x2 (BM)
Invaders of the Lost Tomb
Istar Crossword (BM)
Jeopardy 2nd Edition (BM)
Jeopardy x2
Jumpman Junior
Kitchen Manager, The
Knight Games
Knight Games (M)
Kung Fu: Way of the Exploding Fist
Lane Mastadon
Legacy of the Ancients (BM) x2
Let's Make Stationary and Calendars
Life Force
Logo Utilities Disk
Mail Order Monsters
Manager, The
Mars Saga (BM)
Master of the Lamps
Mastertype's Writer
Math Blaster (BM) x2
Math II (BM)
Mean Streets
Mega Pack – Virgin (2 disks, 10 games)
Merlin 64
Micro Cookbook w/ recipe disk x2
Micro Kitchen Companion (BM)
Might and Magic II (BM)
Mind Forever Voyaging, A (128) (BM)
Mini Putt
Modem Wars
Monday Night Football (BM)
Monopoly (M)
Muppets Print Kit
Muscle Cars
Music Construction Set
Music Studio, The
Musician, The
Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, the
Newsroom clip art collection, vol 1
Newsroom, The (BM)
Newsroom, the w/ clip-art disk x3
Nightbreed (BM)
Nord and Bert … (BM) x2
Number Builder
Okimate 20 demo/screen print
On-Court Tennis (M)
One-on-One x2
Paperback Writer 128
Paperclip III (64 and 128 disks)
Part Ware w/ graphics disk (C64 / Atari)
Peripheral Vision (M)
Personal File Keeper
Personal Newsletter w/ Clip Art Disk
PHM Pegasus (BM)
Pilot x2
Pinball Construction Set (BM) x2
Pitfall / Demon Attack
Pocket Filer 2
Pocket Planner 2
Pocket Rockets x2
Pocket Writer 2
Pool of Radiance
Pooyan (M)
Power Word
President is Missing, The (BM)
Print Shop Companion x2
Print Shop Graphics Lib I x3
Print Shop Graphics Lib II
Print Shop Graphics Lib III x2
Print Shop Graphics Lib Special Edition
Print Shop x6
Printed Word + Calc
Printed Word, The
Printmaster Plus (BM)
Pro Financial Organizer x2
Project Stealth Fighter (BM)
Project Stealth Fighter (M)
Pure Stat Football (BM)
Quantum Link x4
QWKRR128 v5.10
Racing Destruction Set x2 (M)
Raid on Bungeling Bay (M) x2
Raid over Moscow (M)
Railroad Works, The (BM)
Rambo: 1st Blood Part 2
Rampant Robot (M)
RDF 1985: When Superpowers Collide
Reading Comprehension Skills 2 (BM)
Red Storm Rising (BM)
Re-Run Jan/Feb 1990
Re-Run Jul/Aug 1989
Re-Run Mar/Apr 1989
Re-Run May/Jun 1989
Re-Run Nov/Dec 1989
Re-Run Run Works
Re-Run Sep/Oct 1989
Risk (BM)
River Raid
Rug Rider / Pancho
Run Special Issue 1989
Rush 'N' Attack
Santa Paravia
Sargon II (M)
Science I (BM)
Screen Editor (BM)
Serve and Volley
Seven Cities of Gold (BM)
Shinobi (SR)
Silent Service (C64/Atari)
Sim City v1.1 x2
Skate or Die
Sky Travel
Skyfox (BM)
Slam Dunk
Slugger, The (BM)
Smart 64 Terminal +3
Spectrum 64 (BM)
Spider Eater
Sporting News Baseball (BM)
Sports Preview Disk
Sports Spectacular
Star Rank Boxing
Star Trek Promethian Prophecy
Starcross (BM)
Strike Fleet
Success with Math x2
Summer Games II (M)
Summer Games II x2
Super Cycle
Super Huey x2 (M)
Superbowl Sunday
Supercars, The
Suspended x2
Swift Calc (BM)
Swift Wordprocessor
Teleterm 64
Temple of Apshai  - cassette version (BM)
Temple of Apshai (BM)
Temple of Apshai x2
Tetris x2
Text-Pro / Data – Pro (BM)
Top 20 Solid Gold v.1-4
Top Gun
Top Gun (BM)
Top Gunner Collection
Total Communications
Total Eclipse (BM)
Tower Toppler
Toy Shop (3 disk set)
Trains (M)
Turtle Toyland Jr.
Type Attack
Ultima IV
Ultimate Wizard (BM)
Upper Reaches of Apshai
Utility Master (Apple II / C64)
Video Phile (BM)
Wargame Construction Set
Wheel of Fortune 2nd edition – Gametek version
Wheel of Fortune 2nd edition – Sharedata version x2
Willmaker x2
Win, Lose, or Draw x2
Winter Games
Winter Games (M)
Word of Mouth (BM)
Word Writer
Word Writer 3
Word Writer 5 (BM)
World Games
World’s Greatest Baseball Game (M)
World’s Greatest Baseball Game x3
Zork I x2
Zork II x2
Zork III

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